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AAA Golden Rutilated Faceted Pear Shape Briolettes, Strand 8

Approx Price: Rs 500
AAA Golden Rutilated Faceted Pear Shape Briolettes, Strand 8 inches, Size 10-13 Approx
 If you are looking to source Gemstones from a Gemstone factory, like ours, then this is the right place for you to contact us. We manufacturer all shapes, sizes, and even Custom design gemstones in our Gemstone factory which is located in India. (Jaipur) The exact address is: 
Johari Bazar Jaipur 302001

A Gemstone factory isnt easy to find, especially in such tough times. The supply has reduced to few manufacturers, and us being one of them as we have our own manufacturing. So if you are a Jewellery Designer, or a Parts Manufacturer, or a Gemstone reseller, looking to source Colored gemstones (Semi precious, and Precious Gems), then you know we are the right candidates for that. So please get in touch with us ASAP for price inquires for Wholesale Colored Gemstones.

Our factory is continuously producing excellent quality of faceted gems, along with cabochons as well. These days we are mainly making long briolettes, which are getting quite famous. At the moment our Gemstone factory is making Amethyst, Citrine, and Topaz, labradorite,rainbow, and any color chalcedony.along with some garnets as well. Not just this, the Sapphire rose cuts are also getting very trendy, as they are light and very easy to put in jewellery with less height. Our company's gemstone factory is mainly making chalcedony, ruby, moonstone, lapis lazuli, aquamarine or any rare gemstones
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